Pike: Sweetwater Savages : Marcus Toni HildenPike: Sweetwater Savages tells the story of Ingvar, a northern Swede, facing a mysterious evil in the Korpilombolo wilderness. Stories of an unknown creature running amok in the woods reach the evening news as three people turn up dead.

Ingvar finds himself in the middle of an unsafe environment with slim chances of a healthy outcome and flees for his dear life, down to the capital of the country: Stockholm. There he spends time with his brother Lars, who also happens to be a police constable.

But what starts as a warm welcome transforms into a cold collaboration of violence and death, as Ingvar starts to doubt that any creature is responsible for the recent fatalities…

Targets: Know your Goal and The Doorman: Nights in Corcaigh by Marcus Toni Hilden are also on Whizbuzz Books.


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Pike: Sweetwater Savages : Marcus Toni Hilden

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