Tall Tales from Nesbit Elementary : Tyler CapobresIf you thought your school was normal, Nesbit Elementary is the exact opposite. Inside you’ll meet Bridgette, who loves to run and rarely stops; Kyle, who lends out his pens and never gets them back; Shannon and Tyler, who are always laughing at the strange events that happen in their school; Derek, the coolest kid in class, with breath stinky enough to stun a cow; and Charlie, who loves food and comic books.

As you dodge cockroaches with glowing red eyes, and ghostly teachers who punish misbehaving kids, don’t be late to class! Otherwise the ghost of Principal Nesbit will find you and drag you to his office, never to be seen from again!

Punching Holes by Tyler Capobres is also on Whizbuzz Books.

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Tall Tales from Nesbit Elementary : Tyler Capobres

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