Supreme Errors in Judgment : Edward D’Felio

Supreme Errors in Judgment : Edward D’Felio

Supreme Errors in Judgment: Money Is Not Speech & A Corporation Is Not A Person

Within the last year, the Supreme Court has once again come under scrunty, and justifiably so as will be demonstrated throughout this booklet. The overturning of Roe v. Wade exemplified to sentiments of the public. In response to the publics outcry, Chief Justice John Roberts expressed his concerns regarding the public’s perception of the Court’s legitimacy, while nine months earlier Justice Amy Coney Barrett attempted to convince the nation that the court is not partisan. Contrarily to their beliefs, the Supreme Court has always had a history of partisanship, corruption, misinformation, and/or failing to follow precedent. Such a claim is supported by thorough research, and deductive and inductive reasoning as will be illustrated within. For example, it started in 1801 with the rivalry between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, which culminated in the Supreme Court establishing judicial review via Marbury v. Madison. In addition, the focus is on two additional areas where Supreme Court decisions have jeopardized the integrity of the Court itself, as well as our democratic republic: equating money to speech and corporations to people. Ironically, the rationale for overturning Roe v. Wade is identical to revisiting, and overturning Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad, First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission as they pertain to corporations being people.

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