Spirit of Gettysburg : S. Elizabeth Calvert


Spirit of Gettysburg : S. Elizabeth Calvert

Spirit of Gettysburg : S. Elizabeth CalvertSpirit of Gettysburg: Soulmates Across Time

Epic…Spellbinding…Thrilling Love Story Extraordinaire! Can ghosts die twice? Apparently so!

To prevent her husband’s untimely death at the hands of his personal, implacable enemy, headstrong, vulnerable Maureen McAlister, psychic to Washington, D.C.’s powerful elites, travels back in time to – 1863.

Her mission? Change fate and rewrite karma.

It is a second chance for them, another test of their eternal, devoted, soulmate love.

Fail and he is doomed. Succeed and they are together forever.

She is frightened.

What if she fails him…again?


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