The Seer : A.R. CurtisThe Seer (The Other Side of Red, Book 1)

When the only thing that can save you is knowing yourself…

Hidden on the darker side of red, there’s an evil and powerfully dark inhabitant of the night who has not known light in centuries. Until Emily Hunts. Secretly in the night, he trains her, developing her into the sorceress she will one day become. He loves her – in a way no creature of the night can love. But, when the world threatens to interfere, when he discovers her heart’s true loyalty, the night unveils him, and he must take her…

“Loved The Seer can’t wait to read book two.” – S. Neal
“Fascinating and interesting…evocative piece of fiction.” – P. Bunke
“Loved it…could not put it down.” – D
“I loved this book! … all the way to the end, riveted my attention. I didn’t want to put the book down.” – D. Lawson
“…your story is amazing.” -L.W.
“Oh my gosh! I love this story so much.” – L.B.

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The Seer : A.R. Curtis

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