DARE : Scott Weiss

DARE: Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership

DARE : Scott Weiss

DARE : Scott WeissDARE: Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership

After a decade of unrelenting dishonesty behind a string of national scandals and a financial debacle that created one of the worst recessions in eighty years, the trust of America’s consumers—and especially its youth—is at an all-time low. In this climate of distrust, Scott Weiss shows CEOs, managers, or anyone in a position of leadership how they can achieve success by returning transparency to their communication and making honesty a radical business strategy. It’s a revolutionary proposal—a DARE to go against the grain of “business as usual.” It’s a DARE be honest.

Leaders will learn how to develop greater self-awareness and a more empathetic understanding of those around them. It’s an approach that leads to more genuine and productive relationships— driving greater commitment and energy—both in and out of the workplace.

Weiss encourages leaders to give up the go-to crutches of everyday business communication: kissing up, endless euphemisms, exaggerations and “spin.” Through case studies from leaders who have faced these challenges, you’ll get an inside look at their organizations’ communication and learn how you can initiate profound change in yours. But it’s not just internal relationships that have to get more real. In today‘s world market, your customers want the truth, too. With social media, buyers’ forums, and on-line product ratings, if customers aren’t happy, they’ll let hundreds of people know. Weiss offers practical solutions for creating a positive emotional connection with customers, clients and consumers while sharing real-world examples in which honesty and trustworthiness create a powerful competitive advantage.

If you accept the DARE, execution may take some grit. As a leader, you will become a “Connector in Chief” who knows how to communicate a vision, how to carry on high-stakes conversations, what to do when you don’t have all the answers and how to achieve greater transparency  and honesty with your workforce and your customers.

Are you ready for the challenge? Go ahead, take the DARE and put your business on the road to integrity, honesty and new levels of prosperity.

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