The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Single Women : Samantha BrettThe Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Single Women

Are you a single, successful woman wondering why you aren’t attracting a suitable man to share your wonderful life with? Tired of the seemingly never-ending dating game that just seems to continue on and on forever without ever producing a single suitable suitor? Are you over having meaningless sexual encounters that only end in heartache? Then this book is for you!

There are thousands of single women out there – more than ever before – and it seems like it’s getting more and more difficult to find a man. If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone.

Author Samantha Brett found herself single and alone well into her 20s. Finding a partner before she reached 30 seemed like a faraway dream reserved for everyone else, but her.

But instead of whining about it (like so many single women do), she got up and did something. She devised a plan to start enjoying single life for all its benefits, and stopped feeling sorry for herself. She redefined what it meant to be single (no longer for the desperate and dateless!) and devised a plan to become more empowered and less needy, that the men began to chase more than ever before.

And that’s how the Seven Secrets were born.

Samantha began inviting other women – women who were tired of being single and desperate yet who didn’t yet know the secrets – to private, secret seminars. The secrets started to spread and soon a new movement was created: Successful Single Women that men were clamouring after.

If you too want to become that girl, then this book is for you.. So what are you waiting for? Your new life is about to begin!

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The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Single Women : Samantha Brett

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