Revelation Rightly Revealed : Damon DaRil NailerRevelation Rightly Revealed

Revelation Rightly Revealed:(R3) is a nonfictional descriptive, detailed, and accurate analysis of the book of Revelation.

The title hints at the overall objective which is to correctly decipher and properly interpret this allegorical and prophetic sacred text.

Many have attempted to write about the book of Revelation and many of the elements found in it, but none have successfully aligned the facts and details as DaRil has done in R3.

Regardless of the reader’s background, from religious to agnostic to atheist, he or she will receive a wealth of knowledge and wisdom concerning the identity of Jesus Christ, end-time prophecy, eternity, the resurrections, the seven seals, seven trumpets, seven vials, and other major components of John’s apocalypse.

Several years and many hours of prayer, consecration, research, and study were spent composing this timeless masterpiece. Most assuredly, after reading Revelation Rightly Revealed, the reader will be thoroughly enlightened and extremely knowledgeable regarding this particular biblical text.

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Revelation Rightly Revealed : Damon DaRil Nailer

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