Awakening : Raymond Bolton


How does a world armed with bows, arrows and catapults, where steam power has only begun to replace horses and sailing ships, avert conquest from beyond the stars?

In this epic fantasy set on another world, Regilius, the Prince of Ydron, awakens, his head filled with visions of murder and the uncanny awareness of creatures trying to kill him. He learns these would-be killers belong to a predatory alien species, the Dalthin, who enslave worlds telepathically and that he has been engineered to perceive these invaders in order to direct the world against them. But when his mother murders his father, the land descends into chaos and his task may prove impossible. Struggling to accept what he has learned, Regilius flees Ydron, hoping to devise a strategy.

Reluctant to slay the one who gave him life in order to assume the throne, but convinced his mother must fall, the young prince enlists allies against her. As armies collide, he realizes only a fundamental change can remedy the troubles plaguing the land—ills his family has caused—and he struggles with his hereditary destiny.

Set in a vast and varied land where telepaths and those with unusual mental abilities tip the course of events, Awakening goes to the heart of family, friendship and betrayal.

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Awakening : Raymond Bolton

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