Vishwaroop : Rajendra Kumar

VISHWAROOP (The Face of the Universe)

Vishwaroop : Rajendra Kumar

VISHWAROOP (The Face of the Universe)VISHWAROOP (The Face of the Universe)

VISHWAROOP is a collection of 20 short stories about the face of man within the universe.

The portrait of man, complex, diverse. Like a tapestry woven with multitudinous threads. Sometimes saddening, infuriating, revolting, frightening, at other times uplifting, calming, happy, hopeful; but always interesting, entertaining, even hilarious. Within it we see a kaleidoscope of images, all different, all fascinating, even enlightening, a jumble we call life.

A lot of content is adult oriented, uninhibited, not only sexually but also philosophically, politically, socially, and any other way imaginable.

The stories are entertaining, but they are thought provoking, too. They are filled with philosophical musings, many of them are unconventional. If you like a take on man and the universe which is exasperatingly, even inflamingly, different from what a lot of our religious, political, and social leaders have been presenting for thousands of years, then this book is for you.

VISHWAROOP is a Sanskrit word with philosophical connotations. It refers to the cosmology and the place of man within the cosmic structure. No place for the concept of God is posited.

While filled with philosophical ideas, it is not a book on philosophy. It is fun fiction. Man is presented in realistic form, in his stark nakedness, the way he really is, not the way we wish him to be. Although fiction, it is not fantasy. Realism does not mean dull. Once started on a story, you may not be able to put it down. And once you have put it down, you will start to think. The characters, the settings, and the ideas within, will linger in your mind, for days, months, even years.

So, take a plunge, and you might find yourself enjoying a very different kind of universe, submerged in reality, not dogma.


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