Universe : R. M. Dilleen

Universe: The Edge of Tomorrow

Lidda Kandell’s best friends at college are not what they seem. They give her a strange toy, called a Magiton, which reads her mind, accelerates her learning, and creates hallucinations for her entertainment. It contains a twisted alien personality and is thousands of years old. She gives it a pet name, Widhbo (wee’ bow).

Lidda discovers her friends aren’t from Earth either and finds even her own identity is in question. She has been cleverly deceived and manipulated from birth to assist them in battling a Dark Overlord who threatens the very existence of her planet. Widhbo assists Lidda in developing a superior line of androids in the attempt to create an island of hope for the universe.

The cosmos has become populated with Magitons, who transcended their humble organic origins, uploaded their minds into indestructible crystalline vessels, and achieved immortality. Absorbing the learning of every civilization they find, Magitons have achieved incredible power and are essentially gods to the mortals they encounter. One of these immensely powerful beings has gone mad. The Magitons have placed all their hope in humanity-their own humble origins-in a long-shot attempt to defeat the Dark Overlord and prevent him from becoming the Great Destroyer of Prophesy.

Lidda falls in and out of love, struggling to maintain her humanity, as her life and everything she believes is turned upside down. Her definition of reality is constantly challenged. The new androids discover they have a soul and Widhbo becomes harder to handle as he loses his fragile hold on sanity. Lidda must decide what she is willing to sacrifice in the battle against a demon with the power of a thousand worlds in order to save them all.

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Universe : R. M. Dilleen

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