Properly Educated : Amber North

Properly Educated : Amber North

Properly Educated : Amber NorthProperly Educated

He’s the English professor you don’t want your daughter to meet…

The kind of professor a young woman secretly fantasizes about…

From the moment nineteen-year old Cricket lays eyes on him, she’s hooked…

Cricket’s concentration on her first day at college is disrupted by her mysterious, American literature teacher, Professor Stephen Jacobs. From the moment she sets eyes on him, any possibility of her being able to concentrate on her studies evaporates.

When Cricket introduces herself to her new college friends using her real name, Leona Stephens, the girls aren’t too friendly, and she soon realises one of the girls, Jenna, also has her eye on the mysterious older professor.

As the college term gets underay, so does the sexual tension between Cricket and the professor. How can Cricket expect expect to pass her literature exams when the American professor is determined to give Cricket his own version of a proper education; a highly erotic and sexual one, with plenty of spanking for the naughty Cricket when things don’t go his way…

A Proper Eduction is an erotic, fast paced, unputdownable, romantic sex story containing highly sexual content, adult spanking and drama. If you like hot, steamy erotic novels with a proper story line, then this book is for you.

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