Progression : Aaron T. Brownell

Progression : Aaron T. Brownell

Progression : Aaron T. BrownellProgression: A Sara Grey Tale

Lady Sara Anne Grey’s eternity is anything but dull.

Between the often-conflicting demands of demon lovers, her corporate responsibilities, staying one step ahead of a murderous family of nobles, and having to please the crown, the afterlife is killing Sara Grey.

Traipsing back to London after the bloodletting of the American Civil War, Sara discovers she’s been too long absent from her corporation and responsibilities. Before she can focus on her work issues, the men from Grand Duke Bennett’s family attempt to destroy her. The entire family just seems to be out for her blood. And if this most recent attempt to end her existence isn’t enough, Sara must now trek off to deal with her wayward lover, Antonio, who is rumored to still be given over to his demonic nature.

With her trusted amulet for companionship, Sara decides to deal with her problems head on. The Bennetts all need to die, the corporation needs to go, and Antonio needs to pull it together – or be replaced.

From the posh streets of London to the Bristol countryside and the money-laden streets of New York City, Lady Sara risks final death and exposure of her vampire secret as she attempts to put her life straight.

Will a life 380 years in the making end in triumph over adversity, or will one of the Bennett Family just end it?

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