Penance : J C Pereira

Penance : J C Pereira

Penance : J C PereiraThe world is changing. Faster than anyone could have possibly imagined. One man and his family, living in the rural countryside are caught up in the cataclysmic events. Without many choices available to them, they flee in the hope of finding help and safety in the cities beyond the mountains. Their journey there is arduous and filled with frightening and life-threatening dangers.

On the way, a child is born who will become the last hope of all humankind. They and a band of misfit companions gathered along the path become his guardians, determined at the risk of their very lives to keep him protected from the rampages of Mother Nature herself.

The outcome is not assured, even under the wise leadership of old Drake, grandfather to the boy, Ezra. With a promise given to his mother, Drake will do and become whatever is necessary to keep Ezra alive and prepared for the new world in the forming.

The hardest thing in this is for humanity to keep its soul – sometimes, survival is not enough.

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