PCOS: Simple Symptom Solutions : Shawn Elliot


PCOS: Simple Symptom Solutions : Shawn Elliot

PCOS: Simple Symptom Solutions : Shawn ElliotPCOS: Simple Symptom Solutions is the self-help book for the busy woman who wants to lose weight and reverse symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in the easiest way possible.

Looking for a straightforward book that explains how to reverse the symptoms of PCOS such as weight gain, excess body hair, acne, balding or thinning hair and missed periods? Ready to lose the extra weight and change your diet to feel healthy happy and full of vitality?

In this step by step book you’ll find:

  • A simple explanation of why and how PCOS impacts our weight and health
  • Common symptoms of PCOS
  • How changing our diet and lifestyle can reverse symptoms of PCOS
  • How to implement these dietary and lifestyle changes in your busy life
  • Foods to eat and foods to avoid for better health
  • Tips to stay healthy on shiftwork and during travel
  • How to fix our digestive system to get rid of gas and bloating
  • How stress makes us fat and what to do
  • Lose weight while you sleep
  • Includes a 7 Day Meal Plan with delicious recipes

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