Floating Hair : Ethan Koil

Floating Hair : Ethan Koil

Floating Hair : Ethan KoilLucy. Burned. Dumped. Gone forever. No-one cared. Yet sometimes the past won’t remain buried. Sometimes it returns hungry for revenge. So very hungry…

Floating Hair is a gothic horror novel set in northeastern United States.

David, grieving for his lost wife, returns to the town of his childhood: finding love and solace and escape.

Malsham: now filled with romantic, sexual, and criminal lives.

And some bad men. Especially one…

In 1692, Lucy was burned as a witch to conceal his crime: the ravaging fire destroying every aspect of her identity. In the centuries that follow, no one is held responsible. But now she is given a chance of retribution…

On a cold October night, there is a light in the sky. The population of Malsham watches its blazing progress before it crashes into the lake. In that moment before impact, some become psychically bound: their lives forever linked.

The explosion resurrects Lucy as a fiery vampire. Initially unable to leave the waters, she births small dragons which feed upon the townspeople: gaining sustenance from their endeavours.

Rain deluges the region. Hauling herself from the lake, the rainwater coats her skin: churning from transparent into disparate dark colours. She strides towards the closest house…

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