The Eloquence of Effort : Indar MaharajBeware the Path of Least Resistance

The Eloquence of Effort reaffirms the merits of conscientious toil. It is an insightful exploration of the benefits of sustained socio-economic effort. To convincingly argue that dreams are only achievable through mind-numbing toil, the writer relies heavily on biographical, philosophical, economic, religious, historical and analytical data.

The author passionately argues that work is the mission; the multiple rewards are the byproducts. More importantly, the pleasure resides in the effort, not the results. Against the dark backdrop of malignancies inflicted on society by unrepentant leeches, the benefits of worker integrity are sharply focused. The reader is imperceptibly nudged into a higher plane of reality: namely, purposeful effort is supremely rewarding.

It is a compelling narrative which forces the realization that effort is never wasted, regardless of the outcome. Conversely, indolence is the bane of progress and the root cause of economic crimes. Indeed, corruption in all its diabolical forms is nothing but laziness masquerading as diligence and embraced by those wanting the most for the least. Analysis of biographical data sustains the thesis that industry prolongs life; indolence truncates it. It is a finding supported by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The persuasiveness of the arguments is supported by a wealth of references. Together, they form the final authority; they have given resonance to the arguments.

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The Eloquence of Effort : Indar Maharaj

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