Living with Integrity : Rolando Satzke

Living with Integrity : Rolando Satzke

Living with Integrity : Rolando SatzkeThis book was written to share the thoughts and feelings that arise in searching and encountering oneself. Clearer coherence between our values and actions leads to a state of inner peace, which – like in calm and mirrored waters – allows us to observe ourselves more deeply. I hope that the reader can feel and visualize the slow and permanent discovery of who we truly are. This is what integrity is about.

The change that you and the world are waiting for to make a better present possible depends on the strength of the connection with your most profound meanings. Living with integrity is a proposal of a way of living: being consistent, reflecting your feelings, having clarity about your course, knowing yourself better, spreading trust, and experiencing freedom. It is about making value-based decisions and knowing that they lead to an ulterior purpose. Living with integrity involves going back to the source and taking a qualitative leap in the upward spiral of your evolution.

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