Pandora’s Proposal : Lauryn L HIll

Pandora’s Proposal : Lauryn L HIll

Pandora's Proposal : Lauryn L HIllFor the past twenty-five years, supernatural beings have been kidnapped on Earth and otherworldly realms. The Facility imprisons them and experiments on them for the sole purpose of creating a super-warrior. A weapon of mass destruction.

Ten years ago, their super-warrior Pandora escaped, bringing down the walls and freeing all the other experiments or residents. Now Pandora’s only mission is vengeance, to annihilate The Facility and everyone involved for the pain and torture of all the residents.

In order to do so, Pandora must recruit the Elite Warriors, demons from the Underworld, to aid in taking down the one behind this atrocity for reasons he won’t share. But Raven, the woman Pandora sent to recruit the Elite Warriors, harbors many secrets that could have the Elite Warriors turning on her.

Awakened by Blood and Created by Blood by Lauryn L Hill are also on Whizbuzz Books.



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