On The Other Side Of The Rainbow: A Sojourn Towards The Light : Lonny Dargavel

On The Other Side Of The Rainbow: A Sojourn Towards The Light : Lonny Dargavel

On The Other Side Of The Rainbow : Lonny DargavelThe deaths of my parents on consecutive days and with the interference of the enemy caused extreme grief in my life. lt did, however, open the door of the spirit world for me in a real, very profound, and personal manner.

ln On the Other Side of the Rainbow, l recount how my grief was transcended by remembering past readings and teachings to strengthen me, and l came to develop abilities to perceive and experience my loved ones who were sharing time with me in the present.

The seeking to heal my soul also lead me to connect with Jesus in a very real and personal way. His friendship and mentorship have helped me to heal and develop spiritually. He has also provided me with the protection l needed, and He lifted me up when l needed it and continues daily. Eventually, we grew quite close, as did my relationship with Mother Mary and Michael, the archangel. Without their divine help, l am sure l could not have lasted in the face of the enemy.

Encounters with them, as well as my loved ones on the other side of life, have become normal occurrences. l have also had encounters with other spiritual beings whom l consider allies, such as Buddha, Ganesh, King David, a fairy princess, a British guard from Fort George during the 1812 War, St. Theresa, St.John Paul ll, Raphael, Kokopelli and others.

lt is especially interesting to see how my parents continued evolving once they reached the other side and how my spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord changed their course as well as my own. Prior to my experiences with the Christian faith, l had followed and had many other first-hand experiences that are based on truths that simply are. Included in this are experiences with past lives and spiritualism, as well as Buddhist teachings and Native American as well. My personal experiences are based on truths and were a guided path that led to my development as a spiritual clairvoyant and lightworker.

The book starts in more of the self-help variety but soon evolves into a more complex novel that is experiential as well as unique as it embraces many teachings but is not confined by anything that is not based on truth. lt eventually evolves into a serious journey with Christ, which was a return to my childhood where I first met him. lt does not leave out any past experiences and knowledge gained as a result of these truths. lt is not typical or confined by any one religious teaching, but it does not attempt to say they are not significant or important, quite the opposite. lt is, l believe, a guided path from above that is meant to bring together many to break down walls, not build them, as what Jesus desires, as are other teachers and great beings who work together to try to win this world away from the dark side and lead it into a world that desires light and welcomes it when it soon arrives. l hope that my first book helps to achieve some of this.

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