North Beach and Other Stories : PW Covington

North Beach and Other Stories : PW Covington

North Beach and Other Stories : PW CovingtonPW Covington stretches his pen with this provocative and often steamy collection of prose.

With new stories, as well as those previously published by venues as diverse as “Mad Swirl”, “Queer SciFi”, “Anti-Heroin Chic”, and literary journals published by academic institutions such as the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley, this collection contains thirteen selections of short fiction, from 300 to 5000 words each.

Covington brings an unapologetic, bold, bisexual, voice back to the canon of beat-inspired literature and adds a twist of feminist kink. His subject matter remains true to the themes often explored in his poetry; character studies of people you wouldn’t look at twice, should you pass on the street, even as they live life in ways that celebrate freedoms and self-liberation that are rarely achieved by those surviving around them. There are dark corners and shadows as well, and he takes us there, too; but always allows hope for redemption, restoration, and regeneration.

From the streets of North Beach to the Santa Fe Plaza, and from the desperation of small-town Texas to swanky Havana hotels, PW Covington takes readers on a fast-paced, often kink-infused, cerebral, exploration of indelible things that lurk just below the surface of the seemingly mundane.

Join him, if you think you’re ready.

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