Rules For Riders : Natalie Scott

Rules For Riders

Rules For Riders : Natalie Scott

Rules For Riders : Natalie ScottRules For Riders

Rules for Riders is a fast and furious young adult romance and coming of age novel set in the world of equestrian riding.

After a near fatal riding accident, Bebe Barkley is banned from riding and sent off to boarding school. There, she meets her roommate and fellow equestrian rider, Finn Foxley. The girls devise a scheme to get themselves kicked out of boarding school in order to return to the world that they love. Once back on the circuit, former friends become deadly rivals.

Enter Bebe’s handsome trainer, Billy O’Reilly who will reinforce seven rules in order for her to successfully compete.

Through a series of tragic events, both girls are forced to abandon their dreams of Olympic gold. Bebe ventures down a dark road of self-destruction as she breaks every rule Billy taught her, only to be forced to relearn them in order to reclaim her life.

Rules for Riders is a tale of lost dreams and the struggle to create new ones.


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