My Friend Buttface: School Blues : Neil Logsdon

My Friend Buttface: School Blues : Neil Logsdon

My Friend Buttface : Neil LogsdonTen-year-old Herbert Squiggly goes to Tinkleton Middle School, which isn’t easy for him. He’s smaller, weaker, and not as smart as most other kids, which is the main reason he gets made fun of a LOT! But even worse than that is the fact that three of the school’s biggest bullies, which most kids call the Brat Pack, are always trying to make Herbert’s life miserable.

As a result, Herbert spends most of his school days trying to figure out how to overcome his fears of everyday school life and defeat the Brat Pack while he’s at it.

Sadly, he figures the only way that could happen would be with the help of some good friends or if somehow he could turn himself into a superhero! But he doesn’t see that happening any time soon.

So unless a miracle happens all he can do is take the abuse and hope to make it to another school year…if he can SURVIVE!



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