Monsters Of Creation : J.R. Gagne’

Monsters Of Creation : J.R. Gagne’

Monsters Of Creation : J.R. Gagne'This is book two of three in the Creation series. These books follow two twin siblings, Arain Drake, and Lucious Drake as they discover their lives are not what they think. Both have been born with the power of creation, the ability to make anything they can imagine.  Two powerful mages, Valin, and Ezra are given a vision of things to come.

Some beautiful and amazing, others horrific, and terrible. With each new race born from their minds the fog covering the world of Tauro recedes, revealing new and magnificent landmasses. Valin raises Arain to oppress and rule others without mercy. Ezra teaches Lucious to be kind and just, respecting all living things.

These two siblings are set on a collision course when their powers are unleashed on their eighteenth birthday. Arain launches a war campaign to conquer the world for herself. Lucious embarks on a journey to stop her and the horde of creatures she commands. Epic battles, terrifying monsters, love, loss, and magic await.

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