MIRI: The Story : Viorel Valcu

MIRI: The Story : Viorel Valcu

MIRI: The Story : Viorel ValcuA science-fiction novelette exploring a post-apocalyptic scenario within a cosmic environment.

Set in the early 2000s the first part introduces the main hero, during a day of his life, unlike any other. Opening up in a familiar context while detailing some of his friends as well as the common routines of a stereotypical workplace, his reality is thoroughly shaken by noon, thrust into a world that exists on the other side of the law.

Barely escaping his captors, Moe is treated by the Police in a less comforting way and succeeds in breaking free yet again. Since the entire story is devoid of his thoughts, or maybe the narrator is shockingly unprofessional, the main hero gets hooked onto more daring escapes from places he chose to be in, himself.

It is somewhere along the way that he meets an unusual friend, partly to blame for his future failures, who helps him out eventually to become better at, surviving the day. Trying to figure out the causes of his misfortunes and also clear his name, they roam the city, meet people and, escape.

But everything goes wrong until he wakes up in a spaceship. Oh wait: that’s much worse, because he doesn’t remember anything of the last … 150 years.

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