Two Feet : Mark Roper

Two Feet

Two Feet : Mark Roper

Two Feet : Mark RoperA compelling collection of stories reflecting an adolescent’s memories of an unconventional upbringing in Southern Africa during the 1960’s.

Allowed to roam the veldt under the protective wing of the Swazi Warrior, Mabuza,the boy’s journey is merged with humour, witticisms, anecdotes and insights arising from having to navigate the potholes that are left behind by the abrupt disappearance of his father

From learning how to walk with bare feet and how to deal with the unorthodox teaching methods of Meneer Gerber, the reader is transported into a boy’s world where dreams triumph over reality. Set under the bigness of the African sky, the stories are pivoted by the boy’s imagining of his father convalescing in a distant hospital, where a natural remedy might be the potion for us all.

“I wanted to put up my hand and ask if God’s car had any gears, especially a reverse gear. I was thinking that a reverse gear would be a good idea for God’s car because if there were any mistakes to be fixed, God could just reverse over the mistakes and then drive forward again. This way He could repair the mistakes and make certain they never occurred again. But I did not ask. But I know I must.”

Mabuza once told me that if there are holes in the road you often travel, stop and fill them in, for this will help the man travelling behind you.

The Bone Traders by Mark Roper is also on Whizbuzz Books.

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