Princes Gate : Mark Ellis

Princes Gate

Princes Gate : Mark Ellis

Princes Gate : Mark EllisPrince’s Gate: A DCI Frank Merlin Novel

London January 1940. A brilliant scientist is killed by a hit and run driver and the body of a woman employee of the American Embassy is washed up in the Thames. DCI Frank Merlin and his team must investigate.

The American Ambassador, Joseph Kennedy, is a well-known supporter of appeasement and, in common with many influential Britons, favours the pursuit of a negotiated peace settlement with Hitler. Against a background of diplomatic intrigue and duplicity, Merlin’s enquiries cause alarm at the Embassy and the Foreign Office.

The death of another Embassy employee leads Merlin down into the murkier depths of London wartime life, his investigations hampered by interfering superiors fearful of his impact on Anglo-American relations at a time when America represents to many Britain’s only hope of salvation.

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