Kabul Gold : Darren Rodell

Kabul Gold

Kabul Gold : Darren Rodell

Kabul Gold : Darren RodellKabul Gold

A thrilling, fast paced adventure.

It’s perhaps the perfect crime, undetected and untraceable  or is it?

When on a routine observation, SAS officer Dan Temple sees three giant red trucks on the mountain roads of the Hindu Kush, but he doesnt realise that his report has set into motion a chain of events that will threaten his life, and the lives of those he loves.

Following an assignment which leaves him disillusioned by his brutal career, and oblivious to what he knows, Daniel retires to his newly purchased farm in Buckhorn Abbas to live in peace. Leaving his brother, James, to run Temple Stamford, the prosperous and successful company their father left behind when he died, Daniel starts a normal life and a romance with psychology lecturer Caroline Ranger.

All seems calm,until his life is shattered by Salim Oma Asgari and the assassination squad hired by Abbas Abdul Malik, the multibillionaire owner of AAM industries. A drugs lord, arms dealer and owner of one the worlds largest private arts and antiquities collections, Maliks legitimate businesses earn him billions his criminal operations even more. His only weakness is the witness to the one illegal transaction that leads straight to him. His only option is to protect himself, kill Daniel Temple, and those around him. But Daniel Temple isn’t ready to die…

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