Maneuvering for Sunlight : Richard Karn

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Maneuvering for Sunlight : Richard Karn

Maneuvering for Sunlight : Richard KarnManeuvering for Sunlight

A marauding bear sparks a midnight flashback to life on a cattle ranch in the summer of 1967.

12-year old Nicky Fischer’s idyllic life is shattered by the announcement his family would be moving to ‘the other side of the world.’ Realizing his family will be torn apart forever, Nicky embarks on a quest to earn $38.06 to buy a baseball glove for his older brother’s 18th birthday for him to take to college and to demonstrate his love and gratitude because ‘such things were shown, not told.’

Partly homage to a dying lifestyle and a time when things were not necessarily simpler or better but somehow clearer, Maneuvering for Sunlight is an adventure about a boy on the cusp of manhood wrestling with the meaning of love, friendship, responsibility, loss and change as he locks horns with the dilemma of having to do the wrong thing for the right reason.


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