Lucius McCray: Country Boy : Gary W McPhersonLucius McCray: Country Boy

In the spirit of down-home humor, Lucius McCray shares some of his funny adventures. His antics will leave you doubled over in laughter, but reader beware; partaking in your favorite beverage while reading Lucius’ stories could result in liquid spewing from your nose.

1) The Ballad of Pumpkin
Read the woeful tale of Lucius’ bi-polar feline whose confused outlook on life leads to his ultimate demise.

2) Lucius Gets Neutered
Laugh along with Darla at Lucius’ trials and trauma as he gets a vasectomy.

3) Bathroom Adventures
Travel with Lucius’ on his misadventures when visiting public restrooms across the globe.

4)A Tale of Wobbly
Lucius discovers his dog is more than an uncoordinated, goofy, lovable companion. Join the two of them as they face off against a pack of hungry coyotes bent on slaughtering all of Lucius’ hens.

5) The Fall Moonshine Run
Ride along with Lucius on his final moonshine delivery for the year. Can he avoid going to jail? Will he get his moonshine delivered to Clemmons, NC? Buy the book and find out.

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