Living with Your Past Selves : Bill Hiatt


Living with Your Past Selves : Bill Hiatt

Living with Your Past Selves : Bill HiattLiving with Your Past Selves

What would it be like to remember all of your previous lives? Taliesin Weaver (Tal) found out—the hard way. Though he’s only sixteen, his head is crammed with the memories of hundreds of former lives. He nearly drowned in that flood of memories at first, but once he learned how to cope, he realized there were advantages, like being able to use the knowledge and even the skills from his former lives.

Since one of those lives was the original Taliesin, King Arthur’s bard, Tal went from being a mediocre musician to a great one, and it meant that he could work magic. Cool, right?

That’s what he thought too, until he discover that someone else knew his secret and wanted to kill him. The apparition that predicted his death was a hint, but when a shape shifter disguised as his best friend tried to kill him? That’s when he knew he was in trouble. Things got even worse when he and some of his fellow students got pulled into Annwn, the Welsh Otherworld, and nearly got taken prisoner by Morgan le Fay—though Morgan was not the one trying to kill him.

He knew then that if he didn’t figure out what was happening and fast, he would not be the only one to die…


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