Legacy of Dolyn – Volume 1 : Amelia Guillem

Legacy of Dolyn – Volume 1 : Amelia Guillem

Legacy of Dolyn - Volume 1 : Amelia GuillemLegacy of Dolyn – Volume 1

The Unparalleled Sorcery of a Sorceress Begins!

A coming-of-age novel about a girl whose birth reawakens the God of Darkness.

22-year-old Glen didn’t ask to have powers. So when Gwen, a bossy feline, shows up with a training regime, Glen shows no interest whatsoever. After all, Glen doesn’t believe she has the potential to be a sorceress. She prefers her life the way it is —simple— without the mess of magic spells or wordy chants. The last thing she wants to do is fight the God of Darkness.

Unfortunately for Glen, she cannot refuse the offer. Why? Because she needs to become a dominant sorceress as soon as possible. The fate of the world will be severe if she refuses her destiny. An eternal ice age will ensue and everyone will perish.

Does Glen have any options? The first option is to accept the upcoming fate and destruction of the world. Or take the second option: to engage in her task and become a sorceress to save the world on time as a genuine heroine.

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