Lazy Prey : Jeroen den Haan

Lazy Prey : Jeroen den Haan

Lazy Prey : Jeroen den HaanA collection of poems written from the heart. Unfiltered, and categorized by readers as funny, touching and vulgar. In it, the author explores his newfound poetic path, pouring a wide range of emotions and memories in different poetic forms.

From lengthy real-life observations to funny little rhymes, Lazy Prey offers a surprising journey through the author’s mind.

Jeroen den Haan does not hold back. Whatever comes to mind goes on paper. That’s why Lazy Prey is not for the easily offended, or for the faint of heart. No subject is off the table, nothing is off-limits.

The author takes his reader on a rollercoaster of emotions, from erotic fantasies to romantic dreams and childlike observations of nature to the deepest pits of depression and fear.

Badcurious by Jeroen den Haan is also on Whizbuzz Books.


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