Kivuli: Shattered Portals : Linda J Bichler

Kivuli: Shattered Portals : Linda J Bichler

Kivuli : Linda J BichlerWhen Kara had set off into the Rockies with her dog, her only intention was to train for her next marathon season. But, at the bottom of a sun-baked ridge, Kara finds and rescues a curious, and at first glance inept, man from certain death. This was Krikor, a mage with the mission of ridding worlds of the deadly transdimensional Kivuli and forever closing the portals that gave them access to new feeding grounds on earth.

In Kara, Krikor saw not just a useful asset, but a companion. What would she choose to do if given the choice of joining him in his epic mission? She would make a perfect apprentice and companion; if he could successfully navigate her explosions of rage and general mistrust.




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