Kitties Don’t Eat Quesadillas : Patty Adams MartinezKitties Don’t Eat Quesadillas

In this picture book, Izzy the cat explains why kitties don’t eat quesadillas (Too ooey! Too gooey!)—and 24 other A-to-Z things this finicky feline won’t even consider swallowing (and one she happily will).

Picky-eater Logan, age 6, thought maybe his picky-eater cat Izzy would like quesadillas, like him. When his mom said, “Kitties don’t eat quesadillas,” he said “that would make a good book title!” So they worked on it together, with all illustrations done by Logan, now 7.

Many kids (especially those in our special-needs community) have very—ahem—discerning palettes that their caregivers have to learn to understand. Logan and Patty hope this book will start those conversations of why being picky isn’t always a choice.

50% of proceeds will go to animal rescues.


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Kitties Don’t Eat Quesadillas : Patty Adams Martinez

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