Kitties Don’t Eat Quesadillas : Patty Adams Martinez…And 24 other things finicky felines won’t even touchlet alone swallow

In this picture book, Izzy the cat explains why kitties don’t eat quesadillas (Too ooey! Too gooey!)—and 24 other A-to-Z things this finicky feline won’t even consider swallowing (and one she happily will).

Picky-eater Logan, age 6, thought maybe his picky-eater cat Izzy would like quesadillas, like him.

When his mom said, “Kitties don’t eat quesadillas,” he said, “that would make a good book title!” So they worked on it together, with all illustrations done by Logan, now 7.

Many kids (especially those in our special-needs community) have very—ahem—discerning palettes that their caregivers have to learn to understand.

Logan and Patty hope this book will start those conversations of why being picky isn’t always a choice.

50% of proceeds will go to animal rescues.

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Kitties Don’t Eat Quesadillas : Patty Adams Martinez

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