Dark Sweet : Keishi Ando

Dark Sweet - A Poetry

Dark Sweet : Keishi Ando

Dark Sweet : Keishi Ando Dark Sweet – A Collection of Poetry

Love has a dark sweetness. The romantic beauty is sometimes erotic, sometimes egoistical and sometimes painful. It is sometimes sickly sweet and entices, like a poison, the sweetness consumes your entire body and soul, bringing to the surface something… different, sometimes dark.

Maybe it is a natural human instinct, maybe the reasons are contained within the inky blackness of the soul. These things are all the inspirations for this collection of Keishi Ando’s work.

The dark world that is Keishi Ando’s own is portrayed within this poetry. If someone dares to categorize it as an existing genre, it would be a combination of gothic fiction and dark romance with cyberpunk undertones.

Please drink deeply from the well of darkness contained within these pages. Maybe you too will find the sweet center of the shadows…

Radiant Night
Bondage Flavor
A Love Recipe
Hey ChouChou
Velocity of Instinct
Frozen Onyx
Vertigo at the Grave
Mask and Kimono
His Words
Ghost of Romance
Meteor Stream: Woe
Killing Ourselves

Gothic & Dark Fantasy Poetry with Romantic undertones. New-style Poems by an up-and-coming Japanese Poet/Author. Check this out right now!

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