Kash and Kars : Steven J. RepergelKash and Kars

Years beyond his prime, Thomas Kash, a former racing champ and ex-con, has one final shot at regaining some of his past glory and his piece of the American Dream.

Partnering with his former cellmate, Donnie Kars, and a ragtag old-school team of misfits—all ex-jailbirds turned restoration specialists—Kash is out to auction off as many high-end vintage, exotic, and iconic automobiles as he possibly can. But it won’t come easy.

Out to sabotage Kash at every turn are Dugan O’Sullivan, a ruthless loan shark, and Chevelle, a vicious one-man wrecking crew. As they wreak their havoc, Kash must keep his eye on the finish line, just as he did back in his racing heyday. Along the way, he reflects on his bittersweet life, looking back in the rearview to when his passion for fast cars was first ignited.

His memories of the legendary “Billy the Kid,” who was his racing mentor, and “Smokie,” an ace mechanic with a dark secret, are impossible to outrun. And then there’s his childhood sweetheart Nikki, his only other true love next to racing.

Surrounded by an ensemble of talented yet dysfunctional characters, including an over-the-top lewd-mouthed auctioneer and an alcoholic former televangelist grease monkey—just to name a few—Kash must keep the pedal to the metal and pursue the grandest of all auctions or else risk losing everything.

Redline revs, burning rubber, and explosive action collide in this high-octane adventure thrill ride! But aside from all the flash and speed, this is a story driven by the power of the human spirit and its ability to triumph over any adversity—even when the odds seem impossible to overcome.

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Kash and Kars : Steven J. Repergel

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