An Uncommon Vocabulary : Jim Boyd


An Uncommon Vocabulary : Jim Boyd

An Uncommon Vocabulary : Jim Boyd

An Uncommon Vocabulary

There are two activities in life that are essential to one’s happiness. The first is to have one’s day (to explore, engage and enjoy life) and the second is to say one’s say (to say the words to oneself and others that are worth saying).

“An Uncommon Vocabulary” is an exercise in saying one’s say. It is an A to Z book of common words and phrases that are described in ways better suited to them in the opinion of the author.

The concepts described herein are working definitions, definitions that can be brought to mind to facilitate one’s thinking and actions within particular circumstances.

When a working definition is properly occasioned (brought to mind at the appropriate time and in the appropriate circumstances), advantageous effects flow from it.

In this way, one’s personal narrative is made richer and more rewarding, and one becomes more coherent and positive in dealing with everyday events.

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