The Adventure's of Billy Chicken Toes And The Wolf : Jeannee DeWolfeThe Adventure’s of Billy Chicken Toes And The Wolf: Add Your Own Art Children’s Books

Can One Little Chick Make a Difference?

Once upon a time, a young barnyard chick named Billy Chicken Toes is shooed out of the henhouse to make room for the new hatchlings.

Told to stay close by, Billy’s curiosity leads him far from the farm, where he tumbles down a dark rabbit hole. There he encounters one adventure after another. He meets a wolf who tricks Billy into leading the hungry critter back to Billy’s hen house.

Billy discovers that even a little chick like himself can possess courage far beyond his small size. Will he discover the truth about the wolf and the threat he poses before it’s too late, or will curiosity kill the chick?

Find out in The Adventures of Billy Chicken Toes & the Wolf: Add Your Own Art Children’s Books.

This book lets children be the illustrator of their book. There are blank frames through-out the book that can be drawn in, colored in, or paste pictures in.

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