Gate of Tears : James Marinero

Gate of Tears

Gate of Tears : James Marinero

Gate of Tears : James MarineroGate of Tears

Gritty and realistic action, setting a psychopathic Serbian female terrorist against an ex-Royal Marine. In the up-to-the-minute context of the politically volatile Red Sea region, it reflects political expediency and high level betrayal in Government and the Intelligence Services.

Driven by genetic technology and a monstrous manipulation of world gold markets, it culminates in confrontation between NATO and Israel on one side, and China and the Yemen on the other. Alaska to Australia, Britain to Djibouti, this is an illuminating look at Chinese Superpower ambitions – their worldwide Golden Shield Intelligence Program – humint, elint and cyberwar, together with their rapidl building nuclear-powered blue water naval capability.

‘A lover of the genre couldn’t ask for more or better’ – novelist Lee Holz.


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