Inhabit the Night – A Novel of Human Resiliency : Kenneth Konecnik


Inhabit the Night – A Novel of Human Resiliency : Kenneth Konecnik

Inhabit the Night : Kenneth Konecnik“Don’t be judged by who you appear to be; be judged for who you are.”

In the four-part story of Inhabit the Night, an empathetic young teacher, Joanne Walters, is emotionally involved with a singular soul who suddenly finds himself walking in a less fortunate man’s shoes.

Jeremy, a young, musically inclined ad man was well on his way to living the American Dream when he was eerily confronted by another incarnation of himself trying to eke out a living on the streets of New York. Even though this downtrodden stranger, Carlos, had the very same conscious mind, talents and birthmark as Jeremy, the circumstances of his birth were more daunting, and the perception of his hapless appearance had become reality.

Outwardly, Carlos was struggling to find employment and judged to possibly not be in the country legally. Inwardly, he was everything Jeremy was. His impediments to success were many. But his inner strength and caring personality were apparent…especially to his sisters’ teacher, Joanne Walters.

In this life, Joanne was as emotionally supportive of Carlos as if he was in Jeremy’s shoes. Together, they overcome discrimination and prejudice and begin to carve out a road to success, only to be confronted by a homeless man, Howard, who eerily sees himself in Carlos.

The story segues into Howard trying to extricate himself from the sorrowful appearance he projects, through no fault of his own. Howard’s true self resonates with a young teacher from the neighborhood who passes by and feels compelled to help. The connection between Joanne and this version of the same talented, benevolent soul forms instantaneously, and the predestined mutual support follows, until an embodiment of identical talents, abilities and charisma arbitrarily presents itself in the skin of a blind, black man from the inner city.

And Joanne Walters is drawn to the incredibly difficult story and life of Billy Templeton. And the fate that awaits them all.

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