Hide and Seek PARIS-SXM : Valérie LiekoHide and Seek PARIS-SXM

Little lies can lead to huge suspense…

Dr. Victoria Gray is fed up with her humdrum life in cold, dreary Paris, so she sets out for a vacation on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin aka SXM. She is determined to create a new identity for herself…

After a radical makeover, she meets sailing instructor Massimo Baldini, the perfect mix of nonchalant Frenchman and hot-blooded Italian. But when he asks her for her “first and last name”, she blurts out “Vicky, Vicky Golden.” And Massimo is actually an undercover agent!

Little lies forcing them into a web of intrigue, adventures and experiences that change both their lives profoundly.
For little lies can lead to huge suspense…

Hide  and  Seek  is  an  entertaining  romantic  thriller  that  is  not  the  typical  romance  novel.

Victoria  Gray  is  not  a  helpless  damsel  in  distress,  but  is  a  brilliant  doctor  whose  brain  often  overrules  her heart.  Her  evolution  from  logical doctor  to  openhearted  romantic  is fascinating  throughout  the  novel.  Massimo  is not  the  stoic  knight  on  a  white  horse,  but  an  emotional  and sensitive  leading  man.

Hide  and  Seek  is  also  a  riveting  adventure  that takes  readers  on  an  exciting  journey  through  St.  Martin  with Massimo’s chasing dangerous  criminals.

The  descriptive  writing  brings  St.  Martin  to  life in  Hide  and  Seek.  The  Caribbean  nation’s  colorful  characters, sandy  beaches,  and  melting  pot of  cultures  will  make  readers  want  to  book  a  vacation  to  the  beautiful  island.

Hide  and  Seek  PARIS-SXM  is  perfect  for  readers  of  romance  novels  that  want  to  read about  a  strong  female protagonist  with  a  sense  of adventure.  The  book  is  also  great  for  readers  who  want  an  international  flair  to their  romance  novels  with  the  combination  of cultures  and languages  in  the  novel. Ideal  for readers  who  want  to read  romance  novels  that  are  realistic,  but  still  have  an  air  of mystery.

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Hide and Seek PARIS-SXM : Valérie Lieko

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