A Raft of Dreams : Geoff Ward

A Raft of Dreams

A Raft of Dreams : Geoff Ward

A Raft of Dreams : Geoff WardA Raft of Dreams

Geoff Ward is an author, poet, journalist, musician and songwriter who lives on the Beara peninsula in the south-west of Ireland, and his latest book, A Raft of Dreams, is a collection of short stories and poetry.

The stories, set in Ireland, America and England, walk between worlds of magic, mystery and myth, while an intense selection of finely crafted poems, speaking often of love, passion, longing and redemption, reflects our precarious but privileged place in the universe.

The stories, beautifully illustrated by Rachael Harrison, tell of life-changing encounters – a woman escaping from a miserable existence finds her whole world transformed when a Navajo artisan befriends her in the Arizona desert… a reclusive writer enters a new reality after a character he thought existed only in a classic novel arrives on his doorstep… a woman visiting the ruin of her family home on the west coast of Ireland finds the spell of midsummer unlocks a secret of her childhood… a travelling musician following his muse across the country is inspired by a chance meeting with the archetypal hobo in a California railyard…


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