Freedom from Anxiety in 5 Steps : Vivienne EmeryFinally, a book that looks at all aspects of anxiety, not just your thoughts and feelings, but what is going on in your brain and nervous system. The information provided over-delivers in every way. This book really is the ultimate guide for anyone wanting to liberate themselves from anxiety.


There is nothing more miserable than not feeling safe in your own body so take action and join the 5-step program. Reset your nervous system and free yourself from the chains of anxiety with this no-nonsense, easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

The free audios provided are designed to:
– relax the nervous system so that you are no longer stuck in an anxious state
– re-program the conversation between the thinking brain and the emotional brain
– boost your confidence in taking back control during an anxiety attack
– help you observe your bodily sensations instead of identifying with them
– enable you to shift from negative worry states into a more positive mindset
– use the power of your imagination to change how you experience stress and anxiety

At the end of the 5 steps you will no longer:
– fear the symptoms you feel in your body
– be in any doubt as to where your anxiety is coming from
– fear losing control during an anxiety attack
– get caught up with unwanted negative thoughts that fuel your panic sensations
– believe you are lacking in resources or innate tools that can help you take back control
– rely on quick fixes that fail to deliver effective or permanent changes

Based on up-to-date neuroscience but written in an easy-to-read style this book and the free audios will revolutionize the way you perceive and treat your anxiety.

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Freedom from Anxiety in 5 Steps: The Ultimate Guide to Liberating Yourself From Stress and Anxiety : Vivienne Emery

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