Fifty Curious Questions : Martin Fone

Fifty Curious Questions : Martin Fone

Fifty Curious Questions : Martin FoneFifty Curious Questions: Pabulum for the Enquiring Mind

The pace of life is such that we rarely have the luxury to stop and think. We take so much on trust. We assume that we know why something happens or the way things work. It is only when we stop and think that nagging doubts or questions creep into our subconscious. For those of us blessed – or is it cursed? – with an enquiring mind, once the seed of a question has been planted, we need to find the answer.

In these pages we will explore how our body works: why we blush, why we feel colder when we step out of the shower, and whether there is a finite limit to how long our hair will grow. We will perfect some essential life skills such as how to spot a liar, handle a hangover, rid ourselves of hiccups, and construct the perfect cream scone.

There are some deep existential questions to answer, like how long is a generation and whether we are only six feet away from a rat. And then there are some really maddening questions like, Why do we still use a QWERTY keyboard? and Why do the British persist in driving on the left hand side of the road? All will be revealed inside these pages.

We also consider some left-field questions like: Do we lose weight when we fart? Do elephants take longer to urinate than horses? and When you are caught in the rain, do you get wetter if you run or walk to your destination? Life would be all the poorer without the answers to questions like these.

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