Federico Exaggerated : Hazel Rosenthal

Federico Exaggerated : Hazel Rosenthal

Federico Exaggerated : Hazel RosenthalSomewhere in the bosque, in the open spaces near the Rio Grande, lives a covey of quail . . .

The flamboyant Federico loves the spotlight, and frequently regales the covey with his exaggerated tales of daring. In this episode, Federico captures the attention of his audience with an inflated story of his bravery on the Rio Grande. Without warning, he is interrupted by the announcement of ripe hackberries. Left without an audience, Federico stomps off and accidentally stumbles onto something that might recapture his friends’ attention—well maybe. What he finds might teach him that truth can be incredible on its own. He just needs to convince his friends he’s not exaggerating.

Beautifully illustrated with Kim Sponaugle’s vibrant watercolors, Federico Exaggerated presents an educational, yet humorous tale that delivers a subtle faith inspired message that encourages accepting imperfection in each other.

This read-aloud book is sure to capture the attention of children ages 4+ and might even capture the notice of some adult kids as well. Federico Exaggerated can be enjoyed by bird lovers and those especially interested in nature and learning about New Mexico’s Rio Grande bosque.

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