Having a Whaley of a Time : Donna Keeley

Having a Whaley of a Time

“Having a Whaley of a Time” is the first book in the Paranormal Mystery series by Donna Keeley. The books blend fact and fiction by weaving a fictional mystery that takes place in real, historical places. Documented ghosts from the location are incorporated into the story.

The series centers on former investigative reporter Shannon MacIntyre who finds she can see and speak to ghosts following a near-death experience. Being so grounded in fact it’s a difficult transition for Shannon, who tells the stories from her point of view and the sarcasm flows freely.

The first book takes the reader through Shannon’s backstory, her near-fatal heart attack, and subsequent discovery of her new abilities. She is tasked by her departed grandmother to become a voice for the spirits, to help them here on the physical plane of existence. While extremely reluctant to take on the job, Shannon decides to test out her abilities at the most haunted location in the United States – the Whaley House in San Diego, California, but her trip is sidetracked when she finds that the house is closed to tourists even during the busy summer season.

With the help of a black cat named Styx, Shannon gets her opportunity to help the spirits when the ghost of Mrs. Whaley enlists her services to recover something important. Using all of her investigative skills, Shannon takes on the challenge to help solve the mystery for the ghosts of the Whaley House and finds out that being in the middle of two worlds can be a dangerous place.


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Having a Whaley of a Time : Donna Keeley

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