Detoured Destiny : Jessica Davenport

Detoured Destiny : Jessica Davenport

Detoured Destiny : Jessica DavenportDetoured Destiny: One Woman’s Road to Recovery

This book is about how and why I had a stroke at 19 and how it changed and benefited my life.

Imagine driving to your friend’s house, along the same route you take every day. Suddenly you come across a roadblock with a Detour sign. You can give up and go back or turn right and find another way. The first option is easier, but I still chose the second. That roadblock was my stroke from a combination of birth control, smoking, a clotting disorder, and a hole in my heart at 19.

No matter how long it takes, I am determined to find another way to a meaningful, fulfilling life. This is the story of that journey, along with the physical challenges, heartaches, and doubts I weathered and the triumphs I worked hard to achieve. It is also a cautionary tale.

I am committed to helping other women learn the dangers of birth control, so they may avoid the perfect storm that turned my world upside down and nearly ended my life.

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