Adam and Eve : Denis Swenson

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve : Denis Swenson

Adam and Eve : Denis SwensonAdam and Eve

The Book of Genesis describes the birth of the world and how God created Adam and Eve – but the portrayal of life in the Garden of Eden and the events that followed is short on detail…
What if we could hear the story in Adam’s own words? To know what it felt like to become conscious as God breathed his spirit into lifeless clay, to understand the wonder that Adam felt as God taught him about the world and how to talk to him through prayer, and to feel Adam’s joy when God creates warm, wise and witty Eve to be his wife.

But we would also have to share his fear and pain when Eve’s inquisitive mind listens to the serpent and he tempts her to sin…

What if Adam and Eve had shared the story of their early years in the Garden of Eden and their struggle to survive in the wilderness after they were cast out? And what if those stories had been written down, right then and there?

These are The Adam Scrolls – a precious, secret parchment record passed from generation to generation, that survived the Great Flood and escaped the sun-worshipping pagan priests who sought to destroy them. They reveal God’s close relationship with our earliest ancestors and make clear that there is one Living God who loves us all.

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