34 : Debra Fulton


34 : Debra Fulton

34 : Debra Fulton34

In her new book, “34” (published by Balboa Press), author Debra Fulton pens the nonfiction account of the growth of her youngest daughter as a medium, as well as the realization of her own acute psychic gift. She shares many of the personal events and spiritual discoveries they’ve had.

“I was inspired to write this book after having trouble keeping track of all the paranormal events starting to take place in my home,” Fulton explains. “Also, I felt ‘guided’ to explain my own spiritual journey evolving at the same time.” “34” is her way to organize and document these occurrences, as many were layered with past experiences.

An excerpt from the chapter entitled “Watching”:

I am four. I am sitting on the wooden floor in my bedroom in front of the closet door playing with some toys from my laundry basket toy box. As I inspect the green plastic dairy truck with a slot in the top for coins, I feel her looking at me. She is to my right, somewhere near the foot of my bed, just looking at me. I can’t see her but I know who she is – my grandmother. She was my mom’s mom who died back in 1948 from ovarian cancer. Even at this age, I wonder if this is imagination, then I decide it’s not. This would be only the beginning of a connection to a person I had never met, but felt I had thoroughly known somehow. An overwhelming comfort comes through me and I know that she is watching over me. I love her.

“I think many people today are open to the possibilities of activity in realms that we cannot see with our eyes,” Fulton says. “It is a testament to the progress in the last decade from a stark contrast of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ to a consideration of what might be possible. Questioning what we really believe is essential to personal growth.”

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